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New pole-to-pole cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Antarctica is offered by Holland America Line.

It’s simpler than it sounds to travel to Antarctica and above the Arctic Circle in the same trip. The rest will be handled by Holland America Line; all you need to do is get to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In 2025, the cruise company will depart from Florida on a new 133-day Grand Voyage: Pole-to-Pole, travelling to far-flung locations from the South to the North and back again, Holland America announced on Thursday.

“If we’re going to go add, we can’t just kind of pile on to the same things we’ve done,” said Beth Bodensteiner. “We need to stand out and provide distinctive experiences that people can’t get anywhere else.”

It will be the first time the line sails two trips longer than 120 days at once. The cruise will call at 68 ports in 28 nations and coincide with the 124-day Grand World Voyage.

When is the Grand Voyage: Pole-to-Pole sailing on Holland America?

The voyage will be made on the line’s Volendam ship from January 25 to June 7, 2025.

Where will the Grand Voyage: Pole-to-Pole of Holland America sail?

Prior to travelling to Central America and the west coast of South America, where it will call at Ecuador, Peru, and other destinations in addition to the Chilean fjords, the cruise will make a port stop in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After that, the ship will cruise for roughly four days to Antarctica. Paul Grigsby, the line’s vice president for deployment and itinerary planning, stated, “And that’s where we pick up our first Pole.”

The ship will then cross the Atlantic Ocean to visit Africa and Europe, where it will join the Grand World Voyage in Barcelona, Spain, and stay overnight with celebrations to mark the occasion. After visiting the Falkland Islands and continuing to explore South America, including the Amazon River, passengers will then visit Africa.

Portugal, France, Norway’s North Cape, which is above the Arctic Circle, Iceland, Greenland, and other places will be on the remaining itinerary.

“I always like to say it’s a way to get to these regions by only having to take a domestic flight because you just fly to Fort Lauderdale, and the world’s at your doorstep,” said Grigsby.

With five pools and hot tubs, seven dining establishments, two pickleball courts, and more, Volendam also offers plenty of entertainment for passengers while they are at sea.

How much does the Pole-to-Pole voyage on Holland America Line cost?

The voyage’s cost information is not yet available. Before the cruise officially goes on sale on May 24, travellers can submit a deposited future cruise request by calling 1-800-522-3399 or speaking with their travel advisor to receive priority booking confirmation, the cruise line stated.

A free Surf Wi-Fi package, flight credit, onboard credit, and other benefits are available to guests who make their reservations by June 3, 2024, while specific benefits may vary depending on the category of cabin.

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