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Nick Cannon’s 12th child has arrived! Please see the Announcement.

The “Masked Singer” star and his wife, Alyssa Scott, welcomed their first child.

Nick Cannon has 12 children.

Alyssa Scott’s baby was announced on her Instagram account on December 29, revealing that the baby was a girl and had been born two weeks earlier.

“The 14th of December, 2022. Our lives have been forever altered, “Scott mentioned it in the announcement post.

“I’ll remember Nick’s voice saying ‘it’s a girl,’ and the look on his face as everything we’ve been through flashed across his face. I’ll remember the sound of her first breath and the feel of her heartbeat against mine. My sweet girl, I received my surprise!! Halo Marie Cannon, we adore you!”

Cannon and Scott are also the parents of Zen, who died at the age of 5 months from brain cancer in December 2021.

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