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It’s time to open your windows, dust off your desk, and tidy up your work and gaming sets (even if they’re the same), especially now that the weather is warming and spring is in the air. Untangling your cords will help you have less cleaning the next time.

Here’s how to manage your life.

cleaning up

The first step in maintaining a clean workspace is to get rid of pet hair, dander, and dust. After clearing your desk of everything, give it a thorough cleaning using a Swiffer Sweeper cloth.

Cleaning a computer, laptop, or gaming system is more difficult, and you shouldn’t typically use a Swiffer cloth or hoover on electronics because they produce static electricity. Instead, use compressed air to blow them out. If you already have a trash can handy, wonderful, but if not, you should buy an electric blower from Sin Shine or Xpower. Electric dusters are effective, cost less money over time, and don’t emit the same hazardous gas as canned air. Also, they frequently come with several attachments so you may use them throughout the house.

This rechargeable blower from Wincooll, which has a 6000mAh battery and frequently goes on sale for under $50, is a good option if you want a duster without a power line. The nozzle may be stored when not in use and is the ideal shape for blowing dust from keyboards, electronics, and nooks.

To avoid dust and hair accumulation inside of active cooling devices, it’s a good idea to clean them once a month. Hold the fans still if you’re blowing out your computer because doing so could turn them into turbines that draw power back into your system.

There’s no harm in giving your desk a once-over, whether you have a gaming chair there or something more appropriate for the office (especially if you have pets). Although a Scotch-Brite lint roller may do the trick, there are also reusable choices that will end up saving you money over time. I can vouch for the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover, a washable, reusable brush that collects pet hair. Also, it has 135,000 reviews, almost all of which are favourable.

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