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On “SNL,” Colin Jost is duped by Michael Che’s’meanest’ April Fool’s Day joke.

The April 1st episode of “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by Quinta Brunson, couldn’t have been timed any better.

During their segment on “The Weekend Update,” co-host Michael Che played a subtly funny joke on Colin Jost.

Only a few people laughed when Jost cracked a few jokes regarding the latest indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Che continued with his own Trump jokes, which caused the crowd to erupt in laughter. During his second joke, which made reference to President Joe Biden’s response to the indictment, the audience applauded and clapped.

The audience became silent as Jost cracked another joke about Trump and said that he was the only person at a Trump rally yelling, “Let our guy go!” Even one spectator exclaimed, “You stink!”

Che confessed to his co-anchor, “I instructed them not to laugh at you for April Fool’s,” as he could no longer contain his laughter.

Jost, who was visibly mortified, admitted that he briefly believed his microphone wasn’t working before realising, “Well, I just suck!”

You are evil. Jost yelled. “The cruellest thing you’ve ever done to me was that. I had perspiration all over me.”

Once the audience started roaring again, they briefly “booed” Che for one of his jokes, and Jost was doubtful of them for the rest of the “Weekend Update.”

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