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Pat Sajak, the host of “Wheel of Fortune,” scolds an ecstatic participant for almost breaching the rules: Watch

The “Wheel of Fortune” host, Pat Sajak, intervened with a pointed reminder when one of the contestants nearly broke one of the game show’s rules due to her excitement.

A participant with the nametag “Mary Ann” hit it big on the wheel in a tape posted on the game show’s social media pages on Tuesday, giving it a huge spin and landing on the prized million dollar wedge.

Oh my Goodness! She virtually leaped to grab the glistening green tile as she yelled with glee.

The rules of the game necessitate that she guess a letter for the puzzle before collecting her prize, but Sajak, ever the pro, jumped in to keep her on track.

Sajak, 76, yelled in gibberish, “No, no, no, ba-ba-bo-bop,” in an effort to get the contestant’s attention. “Here’s what you do next. You call a letter, you see.”

Mary Ann chose “H.” And wouldn’t you know it, the puzzle contained two of them.

“And because there are two H’s, you may now pick up the million-dollar wedge,” a calmer Sajak continued.

The host then made a joke. Mary Ann could probably blame the adrenaline rush from an old-fashioned game show for her near-faux pas.

Fans of “Wheel of Fortune” laughed at the incident in the Instagram comments for the programme.

Pat created a brand-new language, as stated by @thebowtieteacher_.

“When your wheel touches the Million Dollar Wedge, it’s okay to get a little enthusiastic!” wrote @ciaranellisofficialpage.

It’s okay, she was thrilled! wrote @indirabhagwandi. “I don’t think when I’m excited”

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