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Playboy launches a digital magazine using its creator platform that is similar to OnlyFans

Playboy magazine is diving into the digital era headlong.

The renowned men’s lifestyle publication, which made its debut in 1953, is getting a digital-only makeover. The online publication will go along with Playboy’s exclusive creator network, which was relaunched in September and is akin to OnlyFans.

“Playboy is reasserting its status as the hottest platform for the world’s most creative, adventurous, sexy, entertaining and intelligently rebellious creators,” a press release from Playboy Enterprises stated.

Playboy published a special edition cover shoot with online sensation and actress Amanda Cerny and was shot by photographer Charlotte Rutherford in advance of the magazine’s digital debut later this year. The cover features Cerny, a former Playboy Playmate, sitting atop a life-size carrot while donning a platinum bustier top, matching trousers, and bunny ears.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Cerny in a statement, “from becoming the Playmate centrefold of October 2011 to now being in the company of Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton, and Kate Moss on Playboy’s cover. “A playboy creator is someone who can unabashedly and openly express themselves while embracing their creativity and sexuality. I’m eager to share more of my adventure with you.”

The most prominent and upcoming Playboy creators will be featured in editorial articles, cover photos, and fashion spreads in the digital magazine.

Using “sleek profile designs” and privileged material, Playboy’s premium online platform enables content producers to build close bonds with fans. In addition to messaging Playboy creators directly and gaining “exclusive access” to their daily life, fans can subscribe to or pay to view content.

The creator platform is “open across disciplines including music, sports, art, fashion, and activism,” but before using it, content producers must submit an application to Playboy’s editorial team.

Playboy’s chief brand officer, Rachel Webber, stated in a statement that the Playboy creator platform is the publication for the twenty-first century. “We’re offering the creative community the tools to directly engage with and profit from their fanbases, as well as the power of content production. For years, Playboy has honoured those that push the envelope, invent, disrupt, and advance culture.”

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