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Primal Scream keyboardist Martin Duffy dies at 55 from brain injury after falling at his home

Martin Duffy, a keyboardist for the Scottish rock band Primal Scream, has died. He was 55.

Bobby Gillespie, the band’s lead vocalist, announced on Primal Scream’s verified Instagram Tuesday that Duffy died after suffering a brain injury due to a fall in his home.

Duffy’s family also confirmed the news in a statement to Rolling Stone, calling the late musician “the real deal” and “our shining star.”

“Hard to write this,” Gillespie began in his tribute. “We in Primal Scream are all so sad. I’ve known Martin since he was a teenager.”

Gillespie described Duffy as “a beautiful soul” and recalled how he played the keyboard on every Primal Scream album, officially joining the Scottish band in 1991. Primal Scream originally formed in 1982 and released its most recent album “Chaosmosis” in 2016.

“Martin was a very special character,” Gillespie continued. “He had a love and understanding of music on a deep spiritual level. Music meant everything to him. He loved literature and was well read and erudite. An autodidact. A deep thinker, curious about the world and other cultures.

“Martin was the most musically talented of all of us,” he added. “His style combined elements of country, blues and soul, all of which he had a God given natural feel for. He never played the same thing twice, ever. He was all about ‘the moment’, better have that ‘record’ button on when Duffy was on fire.”

Simone Butler, the band’s bassist, tweeted Tuesday that she had “no words.”

“i miss u already Duff” she continued. “this is the saddest day and i’m tears writing this . so loved

In addition to his work with Primal Scream, Duffy also played keyboard for the bands Felt and the Charlatans. He also worked with Oasis, Paul Weller and the Chemical Brothers.

Tim Burgess, frontman for the Charlatans, reacted to Duffy’s death on Twitter Tuesday.

“Definitely a time to show love, check in on others and help wherever you can,” he wrote. “Nobody knows how long any of us will be around for”

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