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Rep. Mike Rogers apologises to Rep. Matt Gaetz for losing his cool during a tumultuous speaker vote.

Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Mike Rogers (R-AL) publicly reconciled their differences on the House floor late Friday during votes for House speaker.

Rogers was stopped after charging at Gaetz.

In tweets on Sunday, lawmakers appeared to mend fences.

Rogers had his “forgiveness,” according to Gaetz, and should not face “any punishment or reprisal just because he had an animated moment.”

“I regret that I briefly lost my temper on the House Floor Friday evening and appreciate Matt’s kind understanding,” Rogers said after retweeting Gaetz’s remark.

The squabble erupted after Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California was defeated on the 14th ballot by a small group of ultraconservatives, including Gaetz, after McCarthy’s supporters thought they had secured enough votes to achieve a simple majority.

McCarthy approached Gaetz in the back of the chamber after he voted present on the 14th ballot, where a tense exchange ensued as a number of Republican lawmakers crowded around them. Rogers, the incoming chairman of the powerful Armed Services Committee, then walked over to Gaetz and appeared to lunge at him, but was restrained by Rep. Richard Hudson, R-North Carolina, before storming away.

McCarthy was elected speaker on the 15th ballot after Gaetz and several other opponents switched their votes to “present.”

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