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Republicans’ fervent reaction to Biden’s major speech bolsters his case.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders may be correct – America’s new political choice may be “normal or crazy.”

But, after a tumultuous week in Washington, it’s reasonable to wonder who is on each side of the line drawn by Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in her Republican response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

Republicans appear to have stepped into their own trap two days later.

The unspoken goal of Biden’s theatrical performance on Tuesday night, and much of his presidency, has been to ask Americans who the true extremists are. And the GOP’s behaviour leading up to, during, and after his big night appears to be providing an emphatic answer – at least to moderate voters – as Republicans tolerate election deniers and use their investigative muscle on issues that aren’t top of mind for most Americans.

Sanders spoke just moments after Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene yelled “liar” at Biden, with the House chamber sounding more like a late-night comedy club than a solemn state occasion. New House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was seen attempting to quiet his more obnoxious colleagues, but he was one of the Republicans who voted not to certify Biden’s 2020 election victory due to false claims of fraud. And it was McCarthy who embraced ex-President Donald Trump after his flimsy claims of a rigged election sparked an unprecedented uprising at the US Capitol. He recently appeased untamed elements of his party in order to gain power last month.

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