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Ross is recalling scented candles because they may catch fire; one injury has been reported.

The discount retailer Ross Dress For Less is warning customers not to use a candle it sells because it could catch fire.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the recall on Thursday, stating that Ross had received five reports of its Taylor & Finch brand six-wick scented candles combusting and shattering their glass containers.

There was one minor injury reported.

The recalled candles are available in the following scents:

“Apple Spicy & Rosewood” (SKU Number 400244981194)
“Cedarwood and Clove” fragrance (SKU Number 400244981200)
One candle is spiced apple, and the other is white.

From August to October of last year, the candles were $17 at Ross stores nationwide.

Customers can return the candles for a full refund to any Ross store.

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