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Simon Cowell arouses even more fan concern and speculation Following a Television Appearance

Fans are still concerned about the “unrecognisable” Simon Cowell, who appeared on “Royal Variety Performances 2022” in the United Kingdom.

The new online speculations come less than a month after Cowell appeared in a now-deleted video encouraging people to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent,” prompting many to speculate Cowell had received more botox injections, despite having sworn he would never do so again after having the majority of his previous botox injections removed earlier this year.

“Just saw Simon Cowell on the Royal Variety Performance,” one Twitter user wrote. “What happened to him? He appears to be very gruesome.”

“Simon Cowell’s had some ‘little work’ done,” said another.

Cowell got a full makeover for the first time in 2018. He later described himself as looking “like something out of a horror film.” The “America’s Got Talent” judge vowed to remove all of his plastic surgery, but many fans believe he has done the opposite.

Despite his recent appearances, Cowell did have several surgeries last year after injuring himself in a bike accident. The crash broke his back, but Cowell said he didn’t stay down for long.

“I pretty much broke it,” Cowell admitted to Access Hollywood in April. “However, it has recovered. I did need surgery, but I was fortunate because I had nearly snapped the ligaments. It’s bad if you snap your ligaments. Bones are fine; they heal fairly quickly.”

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