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simple-moving waters Greetings to new paddlers

A excellent spot to learn to canoe and kayak is in the Midwest. There are many beautiful lakes and rivers in the area that are perfect for paddling, even if you have never done it before.

Allow us to show you around. But wherever you go, be careful. Follow local boating laws, wear a life jacket, look at the weather forecast, and know where you’re going.

You can enjoy the Hocking River’s gentle stream in the Hocking Hills area of southeast Ohio. Canoes and kayaks that can be rented have access to Lake Logan’s calm water.

A calm 31/2-mile section of the Tippecanoe River begins near Winamac, Indiana, where boat outfitters can be found. As soon as you are on the lake, keep an eye out for great blue herons, listen for whippoorwills, and observe bluebreast and Tippecanoe darters swimming in the “Tippy.”

The largest lake in the state, Monroe Lake in Bloomington, is a well-liked spot for boating activity. Moore’s Creek is one of the peaceful, no-wake zones on the lake where you may go kayaking or canoeing in peace.

Beginners can easily navigate Indiana’s White River. Before the river passes through Indianapolis in the south, it is simple to access locations in Cicero, Noblesville, Carmel, and Fishers.

Put in for a calm 10-mile section of the Galena River in Illinois to see bald eagles, great blue herons, a historic railroad bridge and the ruins of the Galena Lock and Dam, which was constructed in 1890.

The peaceful Kankakee River, which originates in Indiana and flows through Illinois, is one of the region’s cleanest rivers and is ideal for novices. Kankakee River State Park in Illinois has 11 miles of access.

On the Cache River in southern Illinois, which is great for novice kayakers and canoeists, you can meander through cypress and tupelo swamps. Launch from Vienna’s breathtaking wetlands in the Cache River State Natural Area.

In Wisconsin’s Horicon Marsh Wildlife Area, the biggest freshwater cattail marsh in the nation, canoeing is simple and enjoyable. For access, there are four boat landings. Keep an eye out for great egrets and blue herons.

Minnesota’s Wild River State Park offers tranquil sections for leisurely paddling along the picturesque St. Croix River. At the park’s Sunrise Landing river entrance, beginners can put in.

Boaters on the Upper Iowa River in Iowa can take advantage of the area’s impressive limestone cliffs, natural springs, chimney-shaped rock formations, beaver dams, and cliff swallow nests. The village of Bluffton in northeastern Iowa offers boat rental services.

Visit Meramec State Park and the Meramec River for some basic boating in Missouri. It takes around an hour to get there from St. Louis by car.

Take a boat out on the Black River or the Roaring River in the Missouri Ozarks. There are areas of both canals that are perfect for beginners.

In the Nebraskan sandhills, you can paddle the slowly flowing Niobrara River while taking in the sights of more than 200 waterfalls. In and around Valentine, you may find outfitters.

The White River in Indiana is easy for beginners. Before the river passes through Indianapolis in the south, it is simple to access locations in Cicero, Noblesville, Carmel, and Fishers.

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