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Spam calls can be quite annoying. Here’s how to stop telemarketing and scam calls.

When the phone rings, the person on the other end immediately starts rambling about how to save money on vehicle insurance.

Hold your tongue! They might be taking a recording of your voice, which they’ll later use to pass for you. If you do speak, don’t use this particular phrase.

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The best course of action when receiving telemarketing or scam calls is to hang up.

Even if your phone doesn’t display the scam or spam warning, it’s not always simple to determine whether an incoming call is authentic.

Preventing these calls is something you should do. This is how:

Calls from your smartphone are blocked
You should become familiar with one of the most fundamental security features on your phone, the block feature, which helps to keep you safe from scammers.

Block any calls from a number you are certain is associated with a fraudster or telemarketing. You can repeat this as frequently as necessary.

Calls from your iPhone are blocked
• Launch the Phone app, then press the information button next to the phone number you wish to ban. In a circle, a lowercase I denotes the information button.

From your Android phone, block calls.

Launch the app on your phone.

• Choose Call history under More.

• Tap a call that came from the phone number you want to block.

• Click Block or Report Spam.

How about random phone numbers? You could want to completely quit them, but exercise caution.

Calls from a doctor’s office, a hospital, or other vital calls from numbers not in your contacts could be silenced if you block unknown callers, which could also block calls you might want to receive. Nonetheless, if the call is crucial, they will typically leave a message.

Put your iPhone’s unknown caller ID on hold.

• Choose Mute Unknown Callers under Phone > Settings.

• Turn Silence on for Unknown Callers.

Android users can silence unexpected callers by tapping the Phone icon and choosing the three-dot menu.

• Choose Blocked Numbers under Settings.

• Turn on the option to block calls from unknown callers.

carrier equipment
You can also avoid spam by working with your wireless provider. Some phones include sophisticated caller ID that alerts you when a potential spam text message is sent to you. Some carriers offer an app with more potent features to block obnoxious messages and calls.

This includes Verizon Call Filter, AT&T ActiveArmor, and T-Scam Mobile’s Shield. To find out more about your service provider’s offerings, visit their website or give them a call.

Scammers can deceive you into believing they are calling locally, even though unexpected calls from outside the United States are a major warning sign. For advice on recognising this ploy and a list of area codes to avoid, tap or click here.

outside applications

The third-party app Nomorobo shields your iOS or Android device in real time against robocalls, telemarketers, spam texts, and phone scammers. After allowing the phone to ring once, it makes an effort to identify the caller. The number will be immediately blacklisted if it appears on the app’s list of robocallers.

After a 14-day trial period, you must pay $1.99 per month or $19.99 annually. Both iOS and Android users can download the software.

the Do-Not-Call list
If you’ve never done it, it’s worthwhile to enter your phone number in the National Do Not Call Registry even if it might not stop everything. We all know fraudsters don’t care about regulations or laws, but adding your number to the list doesn’t cost anything and is intended to stop sales calls.

To add your number, go to donotcall.gov. You can enter numerous numbers, so please add the ones for your elderly relatives.

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