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Sunday night, Orlando International Airport may run out of fuel. Here’s what visitors should know.

The Federal Aviation Administration is warning pilots that Orlando International Airport (MCO) is running low on fuel, which could cause delays for passengers in the coming days.

According to an official notice, the airport may continue to have supply issues until around 7 p.m. Tuesday, and airlines should be prepared to operate flights into the airport with enough fuel on board to fly back out.

As a result, some airlines have already made changes to their operations, and at least one has issued a waiver for passengers flying to or from Orlando.

Here’s what passengers should be aware of.

Airlines are making changes.
Orlando International Airport stated on Twitter Sunday morning that the supply issue was caused by weather along the Gulf Coast, which prevented ships from transporting fuel for delivery.

Airlines have already started to react. United Airlines announced in a statement that some of its flights will make additional refuelling stops.

“We will add planned fuel stops on Sunday and Monday for some flights from Orlando due to a fuel shortage that is affecting multiple airlines. At this time, we expect to keep our full schedule in order to get our customers to their destinations on time “According to an airline spokesperson.

Southwest Airlines told USA TODAY that it does not anticipate any operational disruptions to its flights.

Flying with children: Southwest is experimenting with a new boarding process to help families stay together.

First and foremost, proposed legislation would compel the FAA to diversify aeroplane evacuation tests.

According to its website, British Airways appears to have added a refuelling stop in Miami for its service between Orlando and London Gatwick on Sunday night.

If you’re planning to fly to or from Orlando in the coming days, check with your airline about the status of your flight and keep an eye out for any changes to the schedule.

Delta Airlines grants a waiver.
Delta Air Lines has not announced any flight changes, but passengers flying to or from MCO can reschedule their flights for later in the week.

Travelers who have a Delta flight booked at MCO on Monday or Tuesday can change their flight to Friday or earlier without paying a change fee or fare difference.

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