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Tennessee Titans’ Roger McCreary and Joshua Kalu combine for a spectacular interception against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Tennessee Titans’ second-quarter interception was officially credited to Joshua Kalu, but Roger McCreary should be given credit as well.

The Titans and Los Angeles Chargers were tied at 7-7 as Ryan Tannehill checked in from the medical tent on Sunday, with Los Angeles driving down the field looking for a score before halftime. Justin Herbert lobbed a pass into the end zone intended for Mike Williams on second and 10 from the Titans’ 26-yard line. Instead, the ball ended up in the hands of McCreary, who grabbed it in the air but out of bounds.

McCreary threw it to Kalu, who got his toes down in the end zone for the interception, in a flash of lightning speed.

What a play by McCreary to catch the ball in the air and then toss it to Kalu! Yes, the play was legal because McCreary’s feet didn’t touch the ground until he let go of the ball.

This is without a doubt the best interception we’ve seen in the NFL this season. The level of creativity on display here is truly astounding.

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