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The 1.9 million automobiles under recall include Ford and Honda models. Look here for recalls.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the most recent car recalls concern windscreen wipers that can break, seat belts that might not lock, and brake fluid leaks. Ford and Honda models account for 1.95 million of the almost 2 million impacted automobiles.

1.28 million Ford Fusions and MKZs are recalled
According to an NHTSA report, Ford is recalling 1.28 million Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles because they might leak braking fluid. According to Ford, this can make the brake pedal less sensitive and slow down deceleration, increasing the chance of a collision.

From 2013 through 2018, a variety of model years are included in the recall. According to the recall report, they have front brake jounce hoses that have the potential to prematurely fail and severely leak brake fluid over time.

According to the research, drivers may notice a change in how the brake pedal feels as well as the braking fluid indicator light turning on.

Honda recalls 448,613 CR-Vs and Accords because of a seat belt problem.

Honda is recalling 448,613 of a variety of its most recent vehicles because they may not clasp seat belts. According to a Honda recall report to the NHTSA, the problem is caused by a seat belt assembly that was poorly constructed.

According to Honda, the release button and buckle channel for the driver’s and front passenger’s seat belts interfered because the buckle channel was made improperly.

Recalled automobiles:

2017-2020 CR-V 2018-2019 Honda 2018–2019 Honda Accord 2018–2020 Honda Accord Hybrid Honda Accord
The 2019-2020 Acura RDX Subaru Insight
Honda announced in a letter of recall on April 17 that it intended to provide owners with free seat belt assembly replacements.

The Ford F-150’s windscreen wipers may malfunction.
According to an NHTSA recall notice, Ford is recalling 222,454 F-150 pickups because the windscreen wipers may break, potentially limiting vision under certain circumstances and raising the risk of a collision.

Ford stated in the study that worn wiper arm spline tooling core inserts at the supplier led to insufficient spline tooth height, which could cause the arm attachment to strip.

Ford issues a recall for 2023 Maverick trailer taillights

According to an NHTSA recall notice, Ford is recalling 2,716 Maverick pickup trucks because the trailer taillights might not glow, making the vehicle less visible at night and raising the risk of a collision.

Ford reported that the electrical connection to the trailer tow connector was missing, which caused the trailer taillamps to not work.

Ford claimed that it was not aware of any incidents involving accidents or injuries. A free electrical circuit will be added by dealers to the afflicted vehicles’ engine bay wiring harness. Owners who are impacted will get mail notifications from March 27 to March 31.

The rearview camera on a Ford Bronco might still show

According to an NHTSA recall notice, Ford is recalling 1,651 Bronco cars with 8-inch SYNC infotainment screens because the rearview camera image may continue to be displayed while driving, which could distract drivers.

The image from the rearview camera, Ford stated. “May be presented following the conclusion of a backing event.”

The steering wheels on Ford Broncos might lock up.

According to an NHTSA report, Ford is recalling 352 of its Bronco SUVs because the steering wheel can lock up and result in a collision.

According to Ford, the steering gear ball nut retainer on “affected vehicles” may be fractured. The gear balls may become stuck and perhaps prevent the steering wheel from turning if a gear ball retainer breaks.

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