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The best games to sharpen your mind, from Wordle to Google Pinball

We spend a significant amount of time on our phones, whether sending emails, calling friends, or scrolling through social media. And with all of those hours spent staring at our screens, it can become quite mind-numbing.

Game developers have created some fantastic mobile games that are not only entertaining but also challenge your brain in ways you have never experienced before. Check out these six games that you can play right now on your iPhone or Android.


Wordle is one game that has exploded in popularity in 2022. This year, the New York Times acquired and published the web-based word game designed by software engineer Josh Wardle.

The game’s rules are straightforward. You have six chances to correctly guess the word of the day, which is always a five-letter word. The colour of each tile will change to indicate how close you are to correctly guessing the word.

When you type a word, grey tiles indicate that the letter you guessed is not at all in the word. Yellow tiles indicate that the letter is present in the word, but in the incorrect location. Green tiles indicate that the letter is in the correct location. You’ve correctly guessed the word when all of the tiles turn green.

Simply go to the NYT Wordle web page by clicking here to play Wordle on iOS or Android devices.


If you enjoy a good math puzzle, 2048 is the game for you. A board with 16 tiles is included in the game.

When you begin a new game, two of those tiles will be pre-filled with the numbers 2 or 4. To move the tiles, use the arrow keys. When two tiles with the same number come into contact with each other, they merge into one.

To win the game, you must add all of the tiles up to 2048, and your score is kept in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. To play, go to the 2048 website or download the 2048 app for iOS or Android.


Elevate is a brain training app designed to test and improve your focus, speaking skills, processing speed, and other abilities.

It was created in collaboration with neuroscience and cognitive learning experts to provide each user with a personalised training experience. It includes over 40 brain training games, performance tracking, personalised workouts, and even a workout calendar to track your progress.

The Elevate app is currently available for free download on both the iOS and Google Play stores for anyone interested in giving it a try.

The Monument Valley

Monument Valley is known not only for its challenging brain game, but also for its beautiful design and relaxing soundtrack while playing. The goal is to guide Princess Ida through breathtaking optical illusions and impossible objects.

It’s not your typical memorization or concentration game, but it does expect you to think creatively when solving its difficult puzzles. The game is available for $3.99 on the iOS and Google Play stores.

Pinball by Google

While it may not necessarily challenge your brain, it is a lot of fun! Google Pinball is a game on your phone that you may not be aware of. Scott Polderman, a TikTok user, revealed a unique trick that you can do with your iPhone’s Google app.

All you have to do is open your Google app (which you can get from the iOS App Store if you don’t already have it), click the Tabs button on the bottom right, make sure none are open, and swipe up a few times. Google Pinball will appear on your phone’s screen, ready for you to play.

With each level, the game adds more bumpers and variations, and it even includes some power-up options. A heart grants you an extra life, a blue star divides the pinball in half, and a yellow star expands the pinball and makes it easier to hit. The hidden pinball game is only available on iOS devices and is not available on Android devices.

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