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The final member of Chance the Rapper’s “The Voice” team is a four-chair singer: “It feels great,”

On “The Voice,” Chance the Rapper is adding four-chair swag to complete his first team.

On Tuesday’s final round of blind auditions, Pennsylvanian singer NariYella stunned Chance, along with judges Niall Horan, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton, and earned a four-chair turn. She did this by giving a stellar rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only” to the judges.

Shelton remarked, “Your voice is truly astonishing to me, how powerful you are. The artists who succeed are those who are able to be that present and open to the time.

But, Chance was ready to go to any lengths, including disparaging his colleagues coaches, to win over the 20-year-old singer.

Chance remarked that “first of all, these people don’t even know that song,” to which Clarkson retorted, “I’ve literally covered that song. I adore all musical genres.

Chance may have missed the mark with his subtle jab, but NariYella was moved by his zeal and decided to make him her coach.

“It feels amazing to just beat the other coaches,” Chance remarked of his victory. It would be foolish to try to defeat all three of them at once.

Here are the additional events from Tuesday’s show.

Blake Shelton receives Kelly Clarkson’s support during his final chair turn.

Shelton and Horan gave Nashville-based singer Grace West chair turns for her tender rendition of Pam Tillis’ “Maybe It Was Memphis.”

Shelton said to the 19-year-old, “I came to Nashville when I was 17 (and) worked for a publishing company there, but I always wanted to simply be a country singer… so I relate to that so much. You could be the last person for whom I ever press the freakin’ worn-out button, and I’d be delighted if you joined the final Team Blake.

Unusually, Shelton’s “Voice” adversary Clarkson lauded Shelton as a coach and quipped that Shelton might be a better match for West than Horan.

Niall has been “crushing it,” and Clarkson is a singer-songwriter. But I’ve also known Blake for a long time, and he’s the kind of man that really supports artists.

West’s decision to join Team Blake marked the end of Shelton’s chair turn.

The thought of his 23 seasons on the show and the final artist he would press the button for made Shelton’s heart swell. “I did feel a little shaken up,” she said.

In the last round of blind auditions, Kelly Clarkson snags “Angel” singer from Niall Horan.

In a meditative performance of Justin Bieber’s “Ghost,” Tennessee vocalist Katie Beth Forakis slowed down the proceedings and earned chair turns from Horan and Clarkson.

Nothing is more delightful, according to Horan, than hearing a piano rendition of a popular song. “I can tell that you addressed me. As a singer, you really captivated me on an emotional level.

The 25-year-“heartfelt” old’s tone won Clarkson over.

We have never heard someone quite like you. You’ll be noticed, Clarkson assured. I genuinely want to collaborate with you.

Clarkson’s flattery appeared to work since Forakis chose Clarkson to be her coach, giving her the ultimate triumph of the blind auditions.

Katie Beth was the ideal candidate to complete my team, according to Clarkson. She has a beautiful tone and sounds like an angel.

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