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The Go5G Plus plan from T-Mobile lets customers to upgrade their phones every two years.

T-Mobile on Thursday launched a tariff plan that guarantees the same offers and phone upgrades for both new and current users every two years.

The new Go5G Plus is T-Mobile’s most expensive plan, costing $90 a month for a single line with autopay. On Sunday, it will be made available, according to T-Mobile’s website.

Go5G Plus, according to T-Mobile, is “a supercharged version” of Magenta MAX, the company’s most expensive plan at the moment. All of the features of Magenta MAX, including as Netflix, Apple TV+, and unlimited data, are also included in Go5G Plus, along with a few more bonuses like an extra 10GB of hotspot data and more high-speed data in Mexico and Canada.

The plan’s two-year upgrade promotion, though, is undoubtedly its best benefit. Wireless providers often give new customers the best deals, but T-Mobile claimed Go5G Plus will also provide the same specials to current users, including the chance to purchase a new phone every two years.

T-Mobile challenges AT&T

To entice customers away from rival AT&T, T-Mobile is also running a short-term deal called Easy Unlock that enables customers to trade in qualifying phones—even ones that are locked. Additionally, T-Mobile will pay up to $650 using a prepaid Mastercard to cover the cost if switchers still owe AT&T money when they cancel.

Within the first 30 days, unhappy switchers who decide to leave T-Mobile will receive $50 back each voice line to help with the expense of their payment.

Price reduction for the basic plan

T-Mobile is lowering the cost of its Essentials plan for a certain period of time. The monthly pricing for a single line drops from $60 to $50 with the new Essentials Savings option.

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