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The Jonas Brothers are open about the ‘obvious gap’ between their pre-parenthood experiences.

Family is the Jonas Brothers. Like every family, they must find a balance between their obligations outside of the home and their time spent together.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe are undoubtedly not your typical brothers. In the middle of the 2000s, they became well-known thanks to the Disney television and music empire. After taking some time to pursue their own interests, they came back together in 2019 to much acclaim (and a comeback debut No. 1 hit in “Sucker”).

The 35-year-old Kevin explains, “We’re with each other a lot, so there are some times that we really enjoy being apart.” From separate locations, the three brothers engaged in a video conversation with USA TODAY. But I believe that our teamwork is incredibly effective. We’ve discovered strategies to resolve disagreements and solve issues while also having fun while collaborating.

With the release of “The Album” on Friday, the Jonas Brothers are carrying on that work. The band’s sixth studio album is their first to feature all three members’ perspectives as fathers and husbands. Kevin and his wife Danielle have two daughters. Along with his two daughters, Joe is married to Sophie Turner. And Nick and Priyanka Chopra became parents to a daughter.

“I believe it’s similar to a situation where (before) one of us was out on a boat or whatever, while the other was at home with children. There was a definite gap between our daily circumstances, claims Nick, 30. “There’s a better understanding and awareness of where we’re all at,” he continues, “and that’s totally reflected in the music.”

The Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, and Eagles, to name a few, were among the artists that influenced the music of “The Album” before the brothers’ time. Executive producing the album is singer-songwriter Jon Bellion (Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Halsey). The result is a sound that is suited for summer and has a lot of appeal. The band sings about a few topics on “The Album” that they have never before. One of their new favourite songs to sing live is “Little Bird,” which emphasises the value of a father-daughter bond.

According to 33-year-old Joe, “It’s one of those songs where you’re fighting back tears.” It’s a heartfelt song, and when we see it on the set list, we all kind of say, “OK, here we go.”

“Wings” and “Waffle House,” two songs by The Jonas Brothers, were released in advance of the album. A day prior to the album’s release, Candy Crush Saga will include a remix of the latter song as well as two exclusive performances from their Royal Albert Hall concert last month. Additionally, each of the three will have a “Candified” character in the game.

We appreciate releasing music early and reaching out to fans where they are because, as Kevin says, “we like giving things away before the actual product is there.” However, Candy Crush Saga is popular with people who aren’t just aficionados.Nick says, “I think Priyanka Chopra Jonas might have the highest level on Candy Crush,” and Kevin and Joe both say, “She’s crushing.”

She adores it. Nick adds of his wife, “She plays all the time.

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