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The judges of “American Idol” were stunned when a tough Chris Stapleton impersonator nailed an Adele song.

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The “American Idol” contestants this season are now officially in your hands.

The remaining singers will advance in the competition based on viewer votes now that judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie have finished the difficult work of whittling the competition down to the top 26 (because there were too many deserving singers to choose a top 24).

Voting options for “American Idol” viewers include the show’s website, app, and texting each contestant’s number to 21523.

On Sunday’s programme, thirteen singers performed on stage at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii; the remaining singers perform on Monday. Below are the top 26 performances from the first batch as a whole.

Eleanor Kristine

Elise Kristine opened the night with a strong, upbeat cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero.”

Her bravery was praised by Perry, who noted that she “didn’t smell one ounce of fear.”

Performers are just that, she said. They have no fear, you have fangs, and that song had plenty of them.

Leonard Stone

Oliver Stone contributed his silky, soulful voice to Jack Johnson’s song “Better Together.” He received accolades from Richie for discovering his “vocal individuality,” which is essential on “Idol.”

The judge continued, “Congratulations because the most essential thing about vocals is that you want to distinguish yourself from everyone else.

Thomas Wilson

In a performance devoted to his wife, Matt Wilson won the audience over by singing “Speechless” by Dan + Shay. He lowered himself to her hand from the stage at one point.

Bryan said, “You can’t go wrong singing to your love.”

After Wilson’s performance, his wife joined him on stage and shed happy tears, telling the audience, “It took so much for him to come up here, and I’m just so glad that he didn’t give up on his ambitions.”

Text 3 to 21523 if Wilson’s words affected your heart as well.


Kaeyra’s amazing vocals and wise song selection gained her significant accolades. She performed En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go (Love)”.

Perry claimed the performance left her with a “frozen stank face” (also known as the expression you make when someone’s singing is too amazing), while Richie claimed she “owned that song.”

Bryan continued, “It’s good to be the observer now and let America make the decision because they always get it right, and I think they’re going to get it right with you without a doubt.

Send the number 4 to 21523 if Kaeyra got it right with you.


On “Golden” by Jill Scott, PJAE, whose voice had before astounded with its upper range, displayed a different side of his skill by becoming growly and low.

After the performance, Perry gave him the new name “PSLAY.”

She praised her choice of song. You have to perform this song tonight to demonstrate your superiority, which you do.

Text 5 to 21523 to keep PJAE p-slaying the opposition.

William Smith

Zachariah Smith, a former burger flipper, performed some of his energetic characteristic dances while singing Little Richard’s “Lucille.”

The judges all concurred that Smith had “crazy” skill.

Bryan remarked, “Stars are nuts.” They become celebrities because of that.

“That was what we call show business,” Richie continued.

Text 6 to 21523 if you’re obsessed about Smith.

Andrea Faith

Chris Stapleton’s song “You Should Probably Leave,” performed by Mariah Faith, was upbeat and featured her distinctive raspy voice.

Perry remarked, “You’ve got that actual grit.” “I believe that you can win this competition because your voice has its own part.”

Text “7” to 21523 if you believe in Mariah Faith.

Miss Busse

Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” was crushed by Emma Busse in an unearthly performance brimming with strength and delicacy.

Perry remarked, “You’re the one that sings all those secret hues, those notes that we’re not even aware are there.

Bryan claimed that Busse was so talented that his ecstatic facial expression during her performance would undoubtedly go viral.

Richard Peay

Warren Peay surprised the audience by choosing to perform Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” rather than his usual country music. The judges have compared Warren Peay’s appearance and vocals to Chris Stapleton.

The judges praised Peay for choosing a tune that matched him well and kept things fresh.

It’s part of the game to do things that people aren’t anticipating, Bryan added. “Everyone wasn’t seeing Adele about to happen when you stepped out. And you performed admirably.

Do you want to discover what else Peay has in store for you in his cowboy boots? Text “9” to 21523.

Nailyah Calmness

Nailyah Serenity might beat the competition if “Idol” were just a vocal range competition. The participant sang a funky version of Minnie Riperton’s “Lovin’ You” and displayed an amazing whistle tone.

Richie claimed that Riperton, who passed away in 1979 at the age of 31, would have been pleased with Serenity’s performance.

Richie remarked, “I had the pleasure of knowing Minnie when she initially put that out. Without moving forward, it is hard to make that song better. You advanced to a higher level. Your voice is like a Martian’s.

Bryan noted that Serenity had “stardust” all over her, and Perry concurred that she is “extra-terrestrial.”

Send the number 10 to 21523 to beam Serenity deeper into the contest.

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