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This secluded area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a must-see for families with young children.

You can’t walk to a particular hidden area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

To get to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, you must take a train, but it’s well worth the diversion for a number of distinctive, engaging experiences away from crowds.

The Wildlife Express ride, which takes you past backstage areas where you could see some of the creatures from Kilimanjaro Safaris, takes around seven minutes to complete from the Africa portion of the Florida theme park. Rafiki’s Planet Watch closes before the rest of the park, so pay heed to the train’s operational hours.

Affection Section and Conservation Station are the two main attractions once you get there.

The only petting zoo at Walt Disney World is called Affection Section. Kids are especially fond to the goats, pigs, and other domesticated animals that live there.

You may glimpse, but not touch, a variety of amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrate species at Conservation Station, where the park’s veterinary facilities, nutrition centre, and cast members who help care for them are also located.

Don’t miss the Animation Experience at Conservation Station for a different kind of hands-on encounter. A real Disney animator instructs you on how to sketch a Disney animal creature in each 25-minute session. Several characters, including Tigger, Dumbo, and Simba, are featured this month.

Get aboard the train when you’re prepared to return to the busy park.

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