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This weekend, ‘Boy Meets World’ star Danielle Fishel’s haircare line will be available on QVC.

Danielle’s Be Free Fishel is a cruelty-free line of haircare and body products that our editors adore. You can shop the entire line of top-rated products on the website, but Fishel will debut a special new bundle exclusive to QVC on Saturday.

“I knew QVC had that really unique ability of selling bundles and packages you can’t get anywhere else, sizes you can’t get anywhere else, and value you can’t find anywhere else,” Fishel said. “One of the things that drew me to QVC was that.”

Fishel has been a fan of the shopping network since she was a child, when she would binge-watch it with her mother. Since the launch of Be Free by Danielle Fishel in 2019, selling on QVC has been a dream of hers.

“I like that QVC has unique offerings,” Fishel said. “As a buyer, I want to go somewhere that has things I can’t get at my local store.”

The full line of Be Free by Danielle Fishel products is currently available on the brand’s website; Amazon also sells a selection of products on its storefront. However, on Saturday, Fishel will unveil a new three-piece bundle that will be available only to QVC customers.

QVC made a wise decision by acquiring Be Free by Danielle Fishel. The shopping network already sells a number of high-quality and well-known clean beauty brands, and its customers vote on the best beauty products they’ve purchased each year.

With the move to QVC, Fishel hopes to reach a new audience. She explained that the majority of her Instagram followers are probably ’90s kids who grew up watching Boy Meets World (I’m guilty as charged). However, Fishel is excited to be able to reach a new audience through QVC.

“I know how much that demographic values beauty and clean beauty,” Fishel explained. It allows me to reach a new group of people who I believe will enjoy the product but would not have discovered it otherwise.”

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