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This week’s new releases include: Watch ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance,’ and watch ‘Your Place or Mine’ on Netflix.

Channing Tatum is busting out all the right moves as the Super Bowl approaches.

This weekend, Salma Hayek will join Tatum in the third installment of the female-friendly dance-flick trilogy. Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher return to familiar territory in a Netflix romantic comedy, Julianne Moore joins Sebastian Stan and John Lithgow in a twisty neo-noir mystery, and an Australian musical comedy (with Rose Byrne as Elvis!).

Here’s a list of new movies for every taste, as well as some notable theatrical films making their streaming and on-demand debuts:

If you like Channing Tatum’s abs, watch ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance.’

Tatum reprises his role as the title dancer in Steven Soderbergh’s trilogy finale, which trades the previous films’ bromantic machismo for female empowerment. Mike meets wealthy socialite Max (Hayek) while bartending, and after one sensual, gravity-defying, strip-teasing lap dance, they’re off to London, where Max hires the Magic One to recruit male strippers for a saucy remake of an old play. While their romance is predictable, the floor show is hot and bothered – and quite entertaining.

If you’re in desperate need of a rom-com, watch ‘Your Place or Mine.’

Peter (Kutcher) is a wealthy single man in New York City. Debbie (Witherspoon), his best friend, is a single mother in Los Angeles. When she gets the opportunity to take an important class in Manhattan, they swap homes and lives, with Peter caring for her teen son (Wesley Kimmel) and learning a lot about each other. It’s a somewhat entertaining romp that takes the “Sleepless in Seattle” approach of isolating the main characters from each other for much of the film – a decision that doesn’t entirely work here.

If you’re in desperate need of another rom-com, watch ‘At Midnight.’

Monica Barbaro (“Top Gun: Maverick”) plays an A-list actress who travels to Mexico to film her latest blockbuster superhero film, and Diego Boneta is the resort manager tasked with ensuring she has everything she requires. Sparks fly, and they escape each day at midnight for a date that brings them closer together. The two leads have good chemistry in this charming yet formulaic comedy that cleverly parodies comic book movies.

If you enjoy watching people do shady things to each other, watch ‘Sharper.’

Oh, the betrayals, double-crosses, and triple-crosses! Moore and Stan are devilishly scheming con artists, Briana Middleton is a young woman in their clutches, Justice Smith is a bookshop owner caught up in criminal shenanigans, and Lithgow is the hedge-fund guy with all the money. A convoluted thriller with a few delightful turns is inevitably doomed by flashbacks that reveal too much of the game.

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