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TikTok is being prohibited by Congress. They are unaware of the implications for the rest of us.

I’ve taught more than 250,000 individuals how to get fantastic jobs without a college degree over the last two years.

I also posted it to TikTok. Why did I arrive there? Let me explain.

I was offering Hawaii visitors snorkel trips at a contact centre in 2020 and earning $28,000 year. Born and bred here, my husband Ryan had just finished his firefighter recruit training with the Honolulu Fire Department.

I was visited by my manager on March 17, 2020. She informed me in a hushed voice that I needed to gather my belongings and leave the premises right away because someone was ill. I never returned. For me, this was the start of COVID-19.

I lost my job. My entire department was eliminated. Travel and tourism nearly stopped overnight. I realised my job was permanently lost. On a new firefighter’s salary in Hawaii, it’s almost impossible to make ends meet, but I had no idea what to do.

TikTok assisted me in changing my situation

I came upon Salesforce, a provider of CRM software as a service, on Reddit when I was broke and under pressure. I began my studies to become certified as an administrator. I was hired for a remote job paying $70,000 seven weeks later. I kept learning new things on my own and obtaining credentials.

I was told I’d never be able to break the $100,000-per-year level without the communications degree I didn’t get, but less than six months later, I did.

Americans are degree-free in two out of three cases. One of them is me. Nobody discussed how to get decent jobs or how to overcome the paper bias that prevents us from finding employment.

I then began to discuss it. using TikTok.

We were able to educate and motivate thousands of individuals thanks to TikTok. We demonstrate to them how to land the job they desire without devoting years of their lives to accruing crippling student loan debt through our TikTok community, classes, and the Degree Free podcast.

We have access to TikTok thanks to which we may communicate, tell our tales, and learn. A modern-day Library of Alexandria is Tiktok. And we have to stop it from catching fire.

Those who laugh at that are ignorant about TikTok. Individuals who are wildly out-of-touch in Congress.

TikTok’s workings
TikTok should be outlawed because it shows you what you want to watch rather than what Meta and Alphabet want you to view.

The TikTok algorithm functions as follows: TikTok displays stuff that you might find interesting. You will see more and more of that stuff when you engage with it. It reflects the interests you’ve indicated. Congress believes that only young girls are dancing on TikTok. More about their viewing preferences are revealed by this than about the app itself.

From my first day on TikTok two years ago, I haven’t seen a dancing adolescent girl. Want to know how to land a job without having to pay a college for a diploma?

TikTok will demonstrate.

Want to know how TurboTax works to influence Congress to keep taxes challenging?

TikTok will demonstrate.

Do you want to know which stocks Congress is purchasing?

TikTok will demonstrate.

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