Toontown at Disneyland has recently undergone a significant renovation. Find out what's new. - News Certain Network

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Toontown at Disneyland has recently undergone a significant renovation. Find out what’s new.

Little children won’t be short of exciting attractions at Disneyland. But what about comfortable, shaded benches where parents may unwind? They are more difficult to find.

Mickey’s Toontown wants to make that different. The park reopened on Sunday as part of Disney100, the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary celebration, after being shuttered for extensive refurbishment in March 2022.

The rebuilt Toontown has natural trees, green areas with artificial turf-like surfaces, benches, and a quiet area that is specifically meant to isolate noise from the park’s other areas.

With interactive elements like pulleys, slides, and water jets that shoot out of the ground, new play areas like Goofy’s How-To-Play Yard and Donald’s Duck Pond can keep kids occupied while adults relax and catch their breath.

Jeffrey Shaver-Moskowitz, an executive portfolio producer who worked on the new Toontown, noted that play was at the heart of everything they created. What we aimed to accomplish was provide fresh play opportunities for our youngest visitors and a spot where parents could relax, sit on a park seat, and watch their children thoroughly enjoy a day at Toontown.

Youngsters ran up the steps in Goofy’s yard while sitting on the open, grassy areas and sliding down the slides repeatedly. Families spread out on picnic blankets with the Disneyland logo as they waited in line to take pictures with Pete, who made his Disney Parks character debut with the new Toontown.

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