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US investigates claim that a woman was trapped in a burning SUV

After a woman who was trapped in a burning SUV passed away, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that it will look at Dodge Journeys.

The examination into potential electrical issues in older Dodge Journeys, including non-operational door locks and windows that may prevent people from fleeing in an emergency, was brought on by a complaint made to the agency.

According to NHTSA records, Chrysler LLC recalled about 17,000 Journeys in 2009 due to a potential fire risk brought on by an underused electrical hookup.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported in January that Mary Frahm, 73, stopped her 2009 Dodge Journey on December 9 outside Madison, Wisconsin, immediately after dropping off her son at work. She pulled over after noticing that her car’s dashboard lights started to flash, the windscreen wipers were turning on, the speedometer was ‘going crazy’ and the vehicle was losing power.

According to the Journal, she was trapped inside the car with an engine fire that gradually spread because the car doors wouldn’t unlock and the windows wouldn’t go down. In agency documentation, the location of the fire is not specified.

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