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Using free public charging stations might not be a good idea. This is why.

The FBI recently issued a warning against utilising free public charging stations, claiming that hackers could infect your smartphone with malware through the connection.

The organisation suggested users utilise an electrical outlet and bring their own charger and USB wire.

The FBI’s Colorado branch warned last week to “avoid using free charging stations in airports, hotels, or shopping centres.” “Bad actors have developed methods to infect devices with malware and monitoring software using public USB ports.”

The tweet reiterates the advice found on the FBI website. The FBI’s Denver office stated via email that the public service statement posted on social media was simply a routine reminder.

The Federal Communications Commission has recently issued a warning against the malware attack known as “juice jacking.”

According to the FCC, malware installed through a compromised USB connection might lock a device or export personal information and passwords to the hacker. Following that, hackers can access internet accounts or sell the data to third parties.

How to avoid being a victim of juice jacking

The FCC advocates using an AC power outlet, travelling with your own USB cable, and carrying a portable charger or extra battery to prevent juice jacking.

The FCC also advises carrying a charging-only cable to stop data transmission and reception while the device is charging.

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