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What does “mid” mean? Here is the definition and usage of the internet slang phrase.

From “smh” to “IMO,” there are so many slang and shorthand terminology used online. You may have even been reading through Twitter or TikTok when you came upon a word you didn’t recognise.

For some, these social media lingo may be brief and to the point, but for others, it may be more difficult to understand. We are here to assist because of this.

Here is a definition of the abbreviation “mid.”

What does “mid” mean?

The term “mid,” according to Urban Dictionary, is used to designate something or someone as being below average or of low quality. It can be employed as an insult or to disagree with another person’s viewpoint.

To put it another way, “mid” can be used in place of words like “boring,” “not good,” “mediocre,” and “poor quality,” among others. The phrase does not refer to things that are actually horrible or awful, but rather something that is just Fine or mid-tier.

How to utilise ‘mid’

These are a few instances of the word “mid” in use:

Have you viewed the most recent episode of “YOU” on Netflix? Indeed, but it was midday.
“This sushi is fairly average. I ought to have ordered the ramen.”
“The most recent album by that band was mid. Their prior record was far superior.”

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