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What is available on the new app that combines HBO Max and Discovery+ is called Max.

HBO Max passed away. Max, long live.

The previously-known as HBO Max streaming service is been officially relaunched as Max, which mixes existing material, such “House of the Dragon,” with content from Discovery+ (“The Property Brothers”). The merger of their parent corporations, WarnerMedia and Discovery, which became Warner Bros. Discovery in 2022, is followed by the Überstreamer.

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But what does the new Max entail for current HBO Max or Discovery+ subscribers? What happens to the films and television programmes you enjoy? Will prices go up? Here is all the information you require on the “new” streaming service, which combines a wide range of entertainment, such as “Naked and Afraid” and “The White Lotus.”

When did Max become part of HBO? What occurs to current subscribers?

HBO Max has been relaunched as Max as of May 23. Users ought to be able to continue using their existing logins and passwords on their devices to access the service. Up to November 2023, you won’t pay more for Max than you paid with HBO Max. You should be able to resume watching any episode or movie that you were in the middle of while maintaining your settings and watch history. Free Max subscriptions were previously available only to HBO cable members.

What is available on Max?

Max covers all of the HBO Max and Discovery+ content. This means that in addition to “Love It or List It,” “90-Day Fiancé,” “Dr. Pimple Popper,” and “Guy’s Grocery Games,” episodes of “Succession,” “Hacks,” and “The Last of Us” will also be available. Additionally, it features a large number of current and vintage Warner Bros. films, like “The Batman” and “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

As of May 23, new content will be accessible, including the “Clone High” reboot by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai” follow-up series, and the docuseries “SmartLess,” which follows Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes as they record their podcast while on the go.

Is Discovery+ still available as a stand-alone service? HBO Max, what about it?

Yes. It is still possible to purchase a separate subscription to Discovery+ for $4.99 per month (or $6.99 ad-free). However, there isn’t a solo edition of HBO Max that excludes the Discovery content.

Will Max axe or remove my favourite TV series and films like HBO Max did?

Last year, HBO Max made debatable moves to cut costs, such as cancelling the “Batgirl” movie that was nearly finished and pulling popular shows like “Westworld” from the streaming service (Disney+ also followed likewise). The corporation cancelled some initiatives in order to benefit from tax write-offs, which allowed it to write off the cost of production for those it judged unpromising or weren’t generating new subscriber sign-ups. The business claims that the removals won’t play a significant role in its future strategy.

Is Max getting a ‘Harry Potter’ reboot?

Yes. A decade-long TV series version of “Harry Potter” with fresh actors playing the famous characters and executive produced by author J.K. Rowling was revealed by executives in April. Other anticipated new programmes for Max include “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight,” a new “Game of Thrones” spinoff created by George R.R. Martin; a show about Batman villain “The Penguin” starring Colin Farrell; the “It” prequel series “Welcome to Derry”; and an unnamed new “Big Bang Theory” spinoff.

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