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What to know about the new merged streaming service, which now combines HBO Max and Discovery+

You get Max when you combine HBO and Discovery.

At least, that’s what Warner Bros. Discovery execs are hoping. The media conglomerate officially announced that it is combining and renaming its two streaming services, HBO Max and Discovery+, into one giant service named “Max.”

The new Max service, which debuts on May 23, was unveiled at a press conference on Wednesday with WBD CEO David Zaslav saying, “This is our rendezvous with destiny.” He went on to say that it will contain programmes ranging from Discovery’s unscripted material like “Property Brothers” to high profile, prestige HBO programming like “The Last of Us,” saying, “It’s the location for any member of the household to go to see whatever they want at any given time.”

What does Max mean to you, though? What impact will it have on current HBO Max and Discovery+ customers? What about HBO subscribers on cable? What movies and television shows will be on it? We have addressed all of your inquiries about Max.

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Describe Max. It combines HBO Max and Discovery+.

Two years ago, Discovery, the owner of the Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, Food Network, and Animal Planet, combined with WarnerMedia, the owner of media companies including HBO, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, and CNN. A supercharged streaming service that combined HBO Max from one firm with Discovery+ from the other was promised by the recently formed Warner Bros. Discovery.

From HBO shows like “Succession” and “House of the Dragon” to dozens of reality TV shows from Discovery’s library, including “Naked and Afraid,” “Love it or Sell It,” and “Chopped,” the new service will now have a wide variety of programmes.

What will Max cost me?

The business announced on Wednesday that the price of the relaunched service will remain the same as HBO Max’s current rates. Below is a list of all available plans:

Will I still be able to purchase Discovery+ separately?

Yes. Separate subscriptions to Discovery+ will still be available for $4.99 per month (or $6.99 ad-free). Yet there won’t be a standalone version of Max available without the Discovery material.

Will Max axe and erase my favourite programmes and films the way HBO Max did?

under WBD’s direction. Controversial cost-cutting measures taken by HBO Max included shelving the nearly finished “Batgirl” movie and completely deleting programmes like “Westworld” from the streaming service. In order for the corporation to subtract the cost of development for projects it deemed unpromising or that weren’t enticing new subscriber signups, a number of projects were discontinued. Leadership has nonetheless stated that going forward, those write-downs won’t play a significant role in the plan.

What fresh shows will there be on Max?

Executives from WBD promised Max 40 new episodes and seasons each month. The two largest new shows that were revealed were a live-action “Harry Potter” TV series executive produced by J.K. Rowling and “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight,” a new “Game of Thrones” spinoff with fresh actors playing the classic roles.

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