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What’s on the menu at Roundup Rodeo BBQ? The brand-new Toy Story restaurant at Disney World offers nostalgia.

Fans of Toy Story now have a new location to check off their bucket list.

At Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Roundup Rodeo Barbecue debuts on Thursday. It seemed like entering a toy story when I entered for a press preview last week, however it wasn’t quite the Toy Story from the movie. It was planned.

On working with Pixar to enhance the tale in this new western-themed diner, Walt Disney Imagineering project manager Jared Sell noted, “This universe within Toy Story is much larger and broader.” “Maybe there will be a nostalgic element for some, and for others, something completely new – new versions of characters that they have grown up with, know, and love, and always something to see and discover.”

Roundup Rodeo BBQ: what is it?

The three components of Roundup Rodeo BBQ’s name fully capture what the establishment is all about. It is the first table-service restaurant in the world with a Toy Story motif.

•Woody’s Roundup, which Woody learns about in “Toy Story 2,” is expanded upon by the restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

As a result, Sell said, “we were also able to insert characters like Stinky Pete and Jesse in new ways that you might not have seen before.

The decor of Roundup Rodeo Barbeque notably features Woody, Jesse, and Stinky Pete, but there are many additional characters from the movies that fans will recognise.

•Rodeo: According to Sale, after returning from camp, Andy was inspired to set up a rodeo in his backyard, so of course all of his favourite toys, including Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, and Trixie the Triceratops, are present. Unfortunately, Andy had to create additional toys because he had run out for the viewing areas.

If you look at the paper dolls, some of Jessie’s Critters might look a little familar, Sell said. Look closely at the little things because you’ll discover some truly amazing things.

Rodeo and barbecue go together really well, and because we’re still in Andy’s backyard in Toy Story Land, it might as well be a backyard barbeque, according to Brian Piasecki, culinary director for concept development at Walt Disney World. And what do you offer during a picnic in your backyard? Barbecue. Hence, for us, those two factors meant barbeque all the way.

Is there character dining at Roundup Rodeo?

No, the Toy Story characters are not physically there; they are only represented in the restaurant’s interior design and overhead soundtrack.

What is the price?

Before tax and tip, lunch and dinner cost $45 for adults and $25 for children aged 3 to 9 as of the first day of operation. For the purposes of park admission and food pricing across the resort, children 10 and older are regarded as adults.

Toy Story lovers can get a quick-service breakfast at the nearby Woody’s Lunch Box since the restaurant doesn’t provide breakfast.

What’s being served?

Comfort cuisine that’s been somewhat upgraded is served family-style at Roundup Rodeo Barbeque. Piasecki laughed, “This is a bougie BBQ.

His favourite salad, which combines marinated tomatoes, cucumbers, and house-pickled red onion, is served after the guests are fed warm, buttered house-made cheddar biscuits and sweet pepper jelly. To go with what Piasecki refers to as “the star of the show”—a platter of house-smoked meats or plant-based entrees—they can pick four of the eight available sides.

He claimed that “all of these meats are done in-house.” We provide hand-sliced beef brisket, poultry that has been smoked for 48 hours in a brine, glazed pork ribs that have been smoked, and a coiled sausage that we finish on our own firewood grill and name There’s a Sausage in My Boot.

Every visitor selects their own dessert. The set rate also includes milk, freshly brewed iced tea, and fountain drinks. Craft drinks are an extra.

The freshly made peach iced tea and Cupcake à la Forky, which to me tasted a little basic and is truly intended for children, weren’t to my taste, but everything else was great.

Even now, some days later, I keep returning to the brisket. The Nasty Old Potato Salad was so delicious, according to Piasecki, that a visitor who sampled it started crying because it reminded her of a dish her granny used to make. It tastes like home, which is why I believe it. Bo’s Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake, which Piasecki claimed was inspired by his mother’s favourite dessert, was the other standout. Even though I despise cheesecake, I couldn’t stop eating this.

For both the food and the theming, Roundup Rodeo Barbeque is unquestionably worth a trip if you love Toy Story.

It’s still worth attending for the food if you enjoy barbeque and can afford to splurge even if you don’t like for Toy Story.

Go somewhere else if you don’t enjoy Toy Story.

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