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When Oompa Loompa meets Timothée Chalamet Hugh Grant makes his ‘Dune 2’ trailer debut in new ‘Wonka’ footage.

Even though Timothée Chalamet worked two shifts at CinemaCon on Tuesday, Hugh Grant’s orange-faced Oompa Loompa stole the show.

Chalamet debuted brand-new footage for two of his upcoming high-profile star vehicles at the convention for theatre owners and studios: the sci-fi sequel “Dune Part Two” (released Nov. 3) and the prequel origin narrative “Wonka” (out Dec. 15).

The primary plot of “Wonka”—how Willy Wonka rose to become the world’s greatest chocolatier—is revealed in the sneak peek. Even as a young child, though, Chalamet’s character is an eccentric person who concocts a variety of sweets in his room, one of which causes people to fly, and has lofty aspirations of opening his own chocolate shop, despite a candy cartel standing in his way.

The funniest scene features Willy conversing with Grant’s miniature Oompa Loompa, who threatens him with a tune he’ll never forget. (In actuality, Willy just finds his little flute tune annoying.)

According to Chalamet, “Wonka” gave him the chance to portray a version of the character “that is full of joy, optimism, and hope.”

The ‘psychotic’ villain played by Austin Butler is first seen in the ‘Dune 2’ trailer.

The first trailer for the “Dune” sequel was unveiled on the CinemaCon stage with Chalamet, co-star Zendaya, and director Denis Villeneuve. Paul Atreides (Chalamet) and his mother (Rebecca Ferguson) seek refuge with Chani (Zendaya) and the Fremen tribe in the second part, which continues up where the 2021 movie left off.

Chani will become Paul’s moral compass if he can earn her trust, according to Villeneuve. Highlights of the teaser included Paul riding a huge sandworm and a peek of Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, played by Austin Butler, who is a pasty, bald and vicious villain.

He portrayed a psychopathic serial killer coupled with an Olympic swordsman. Villeneuve added, “I’m quite proud of what he brought to the picture.

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