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Whom do you tip when you’re on the road? According to the Emily Post Institute, proper travel behaviour

Nowadays, leaving a tip can seem more like a chore than a blessing, especially when so many establishments ask for it on their omnipresent touchscreens. But, it is not how things should be.

According to Daniel Post Senning, spokesman for the Emily Post Institute, author of several books, including Emily Post’s Etiquette, The Centennial Edition, and great-great-grandson of etiquette legend Emily Post, tipping should, when done properly, make both the person receiving the tip and the person giving it feel good.

Paying generously is not always simple, but being aware of who, when, and how much to tip can be helpful, especially when travelling.

What is meant by gratuity?

A gratuity is a voluntary contribution made in addition to the real cost of the service.

The term gratuity shares the same root as the word appreciation, according to Senning. “I think it’s going to work better and feel better for everyone involved the more we can retain the spirit of thankfulness a part of how we handle gratuities or tipping,” says the author.

Do people tip overseas?

It varies.

It’s still highly valued “in many, many areas,” Senning said. “I believe that the majority of the time, when travelling abroad, the advice is that it won’t be as much as 15% or 20%, but far be it from me to limit anyone’s charity.”

At many European restaurants, where servers are compensated with living salaries or service fees are automatically added to bills, a modest tip may be sufficient. On the other hand, tipping is almost never done in Japan.

Senning advises against tipping in situations when it might be viewed as impolite or negligent. Also, when it comes to appreciating and respecting those who provide services, you don’t want to be the type of person who just throws money around rather than showing them true gratitude by looking them in the eye and expressing “thank you” in a language they can understand.

Is it ever OK to leave a tip unpaid?

Is leaving a gratuity in another currency impolite?

Several places, like Turks and Caicos and Costa Rica, accept US currency with no problems. But generally speaking, Senning advised, “Local currency is usually a terrific idea” when visiting another country.

Do you leave tips at airports? How much should I tip the porter?

Senning suggests paying curbside baggage handlers and off-site airport shuttle drivers $1 or $2 per suitcase for their assistance with loading and unloading bags.

He chuckled, “I don’t think anybody would look at a $5 tip after seven-bag carry if you happened to have a five (dollar bill) and you had. But it’s a good place to start and a nice starting point, she continued.

He advises passengers to have some modest money on them for any necessary tipping.

What percentage do you leave at a hotel?

Like luggage handlers, Senning advises tipping bellhops $1 to $2 each bag. Similar salaries are suggested for employees who provide products on demand, such as extra towels.

He advises providing $1 to $2 per visitor, per day that housekeeping is offered (which might not be daily), for housekeepers.

“It’s advised to leave it each night that the service is completed, not at the end of the day where perhaps one individual who hasn’t done the service throughout that week gets the full tip,” he said. You may leave a small amount every day or every day that housekeeping is anticipated.

How much should a driver be tipped?

When travelling within the country, Senning advised considering tipping between 10 and 20% for services like taxi cabs, Uber, and Lyft.

“That screen in the back of the cab often suggests 25, 35, 45% even, but you don’t have to go with their advised sums, much as the turnaround iPad on worktops (at companies),” he continued. “Really, it’s up to you. It is quite acceptable to click “other amount” and enter a lower number if that is what you are planned or budgeted for.”

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