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With the Niantic game Peridot, Tamagotchi is brought back to life. Don’t worry; it won’t perish this time.

The creators of Pokémon Go are utilising augmented reality (AR) in their video game Peridot to enliven audiences of all ages. On May 9, Niantic officially released the game, making it downloadable via Google Play and the App Store.

The Tamagotchi and Neopets pet games of the late 1990s and early 2000s served as inspiration for the development of this software, which lets users “hatch” a creature and watch it explore its surroundings. The pet Sims, unlike Tamagotchi, will remain alive as long as their owner needs them to.

Three eggs are given to each player at the beginning of the game. When one is chosen, a “peridot” or “dot” will emerge. Every every “dot” is totally distinct. Actually, the developers of the game did the math and found that the total number of pet Sims that might exist was equal to the total number of stars in the universe.

The user can then monitor the development of their tiny creature before it is eventually frozen at adulthood. Players can view their ‘dot’ by holding up their phones and exploring the common space, whether it is a congested city sidewalk or a disorganised home room.

Ziah Fogel, Director of Production at Peridot, stated in a press release that “in our chaotic world, these creatures bring a dose of joy, whimsy, and comfort into our lives – it’s the delight of owning a real pet without the mess.”

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